Episode Description

Coming from a life of no education to owning 150 companies – on this week's episode Alex Quin chats with Scott Lumley. Listen for inspiration on how to build a company from the ground up and continue to build and create more companies after this. Wherever you are in the process of entrepreneurship whether it's innovating, designing, or marketing, you can succeed and win at your own pace. 

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Reflect on what you want to do with your life, what your goals are and what you're passionate about. What is keeping you from being the kind of person you want to be. Reflect on that, and take time to understand that.
  • You could change your life around by having a different mindset, hanging out with different people, and finding a new place to live and finding a new community on time. As long as you do something that gets you once inch closer to that. You're closer to that than you were yesterday.

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What’s going on everyone

[02:18] How did you end up in Morocco?

[03:27] Turn everything over to my son

[04:29] Talk to me about verified city

[05:54] Walk me through the process of a customer in Morocco

[07:01] We basically repackage things

[08:51] What makes you stick around?

[10:08] What number [of companies] are you at now?

[10:55] What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

[12:04] You don’t know what you don’t know

[13:21] What kept you from being able to read and write at a young age?

[14:57] I ended up in Tulsa Oklahoma

[16:31] By the way, he had me chained up for 5 years

[18:25] Hey (break) 

[19:04] What have you learned about human behavior in regards to success?

[20:44] Why “Don’t look me up”

[23:27] I’m gonna stand up and do the right thing

[26:15] You have never walked in my shoes

[26:40] How do you want to be remembered?

[27:40] Where can we find you on Socials Scott?

[29:06] What’s keeping you from being the person you want to be 

[30:26] See you on the next episode 

Power Quotes

  • “If you just give one more minute, that one more minute, will probably be what it took to win.” - Scott Lumley 19:46 
  • “I didn't want to be chained to anybody, I wanted to carve my own path” - Scott Lumley 11:35
  • “One of the common denominators you usually see as to why people don't reach their dreams is because of excuses and what people put in their head.” -Alex Quin 28:31


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