Crafting Architectural Marvels: Gil Dezer's Joint Ventures w Trump, Porsche, Bentley, Armani  EP 111

Episode Description

On this episode of Hustle Inspires Hustle, Alex Quin interviews Gil Dezer, a visionary real estate developer and businessman. Dezer recounts his role in transforming Sunny Isles from a modest area to a hub of luxury, and his remarkable achievements in the real estate realm. He discusses his collaboration with Donald Trump in building six Trump Towers, his innovative contributions like the Dezervator - an elevator that transports cars directly to apartments, exemplified in the Porsche Tower. Dezer shares insights on the power of branding, strategic partnerships, and his approach to property management. Additionally, he delves into his savvy use of digital marketing and media to promote high-end properties. Highlighting his latest venture, the Bentley Residences, Dezer reveals how he elevates luxury living, including bringing in a Michelin Star Chef for this prestigious project.

Gil Dezer | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Wisdom Nuggets

Transforming a community: Gil Dezer shares his experience of helping transform Sunny Isles from a seedy place to a luxurious area. This highlights the importance of investing in a community and actively working towards its improvement.

The power of branding: Working with Donald Trump taught Dezer the power of branding and how it can elevate a project. Strategic collaborations and branding can significantly impact the success of a business or development.

Overcoming challenges: Dezer discusses the challenge of building a revolutionary car elevator in a five-story building in New York City. This demonstrates the importance of perseverance and finding innovative solutions to overcome obstacles.

Thinking time: Dezer emphasizes the importance of taking time to think. This practice has helped him to be successful in his real estate ventures and make strategic decisions.

Luxury living: Dezer's approach to luxury living stands out and appeals to the ultra-wealthy. This highlights the importance of understanding and catering to the specific needs and desires of the target market in order to create a unique and desirable product or experience.

Gil Dezer | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Power Quotes

"For the ultra-wealthy who value privacy, this is perfect. Let's say you're getting home; you don't have to stop at a parking garage, a parking lot, or go through the lobby. You drive right into the Dezervator, which goes up to your apartment." - Gil Dezer

.“We we knew that the city was about to incorporate that they were in a push of zoning codes, and so we my father and I went around and we bought, as many hotels as we could.” - Gil Dezer

"I remember one of the hotels we bought for four million dollars. We paid two million in cash and received two million in seller financing, which was beautiful. That land today is probably worth about two hundred and fifty million dollars." - Gil Dezer.

“Trump taught me what branding was about.” - Gil Dezer

Gil Dezer | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Episode Outline

[00:00:00] Real estate titan Michael Dezer mentors his son Gil. 

[00:02:44] Gil becomes Real estate mogul, inventor, successful. 

[00:04:00] Transformed Sunny Isles strip in Miami. 

[00:08:21] Invented Dezervator. 

[00:12:14] Organize, balance, succeed, mindset. 

[00:16:44] Overcome challenges with building Porsche tower 

[00:18:01] Patience yields success in luxury property marketing. 

[00:22:43] Pioneering luxury property - digital marketing and PR. 

[00:27:20] Creating luxury through details. 

[00:30:40] Inspire, hustle, mark, luxury, world, success.

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