Claiming Your Space with Eliza Vancort // EP 117

Episode Description

In an engaging episode of the "Hustle Inspires Hustle" podcast, host Alex Quin and guest Eliza Vancort delve into entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and the journey of overcoming adversity. Alex introduces the podcast's goal to share real-world knowledge from business leaders, with Eliza, author of "A Woman's Guide to Claiming Space," discussing her path from facing childhood challenges to becoming a sought-after speaker and consultant. They explore themes of authenticity, the significance of claiming one's space, and navigating microaggressions, providing listeners with insights on personal growth and empowerment. This conversation highlights the transformative power of resilience and the importance of living unapologetically.

Episode Outline

[00:00:03] Podcast featuring top entrepreneurs and speakers.

[00:03:34] Overcoming trauma, claiming space, sharing stories.

[00:07:55] Inspired by Maya Angelou, growth and empathy.

[00:15:17] Value, help, build audience, stay true.

[00:21:36] Be cool, respectful, authentic, and fearless.

[00:24:58] Learn from curve balls, carry memories.

[00:29:53] Finalizing edits, graphics, promotions for book.

[00:33:51] Microaggressions are subtle but harmful comments.

[00:38:40] Confident speaker and author, impactful communicator.

[00:45:47] Mission to help people find authenticity.

Wisdom Nuggets

Eliza Vancort's Empowerment Through Adversity: Eliza Vancort discusses overcoming personal challenges and the power of claiming one's space, illustrating how facing life's adversities prepares one for leadership and self-assertion, similar to learning resilience in the wild.

Learning from Technical Glitches and Life's Obstacles: The episode highlights overcoming technical issues and life's unpredictable challenges, underscoring the importance of persistence and creativity in problem-solving, reflecting wilderness education's approach to growth through obstacles.

Leadership Through Storytelling: The podcast showcases the impact of storytelling on leadership development, with guests sharing transformative experiences. This method aligns with wilderness education's use of shared experiences to cultivate leadership traits such as empathy and resilience.

Vulnerability as Leadership Strength: Discussing fears and failures, the podcast emphasizes embracing vulnerability as a leadership quality. This mirrors wilderness education's ethos, where facing the unknown builds bravery, self-awareness, and the ability to lead empathetically.

Power Quotes

"Claiming space means living the life of your choosing unapologetically and bravely. Bravery is fear meeting action." - Eliza Vancort

"I thought if I could be invisible, I would be safe. My whole life is a struggle to claw my way out of that need to be invisible." - Eliza Vancort

"I started speaking in 2018, doing events around the United States. I got nervous every time, but once I was up there, I clicked into my character." - Alex Quin

"The book was birthed because of my childhood. It's about how different people claim space and how they could do it effectively. - Eliza Vancort

"Every speaking engagement, every podcast episode is a learning opportunity. It's not just about sharing knowledge but about growing together with your audience” - Alex Quin

Resources Mentioned

Eliza Vancort's website

Hustle Inspires Hustle

Eliza Vancort's book Claiming Space

"The Digital Marketing Dictionary"

"Polo's Day at the Park."

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