Building Statement Studios with Lukas Schulz // EP 127

Episode Description

In this episode of the Hustle Inspires Hustle podcast, host Alex Quin talks with Lukas Schulz, co-founder of Statement Studios, about his journey from Germany to the US, his recent move to Hawaii, and his career in video production. Lukas discusses how his passion for video production was ignited in Germany and how it evolved into a successful business in the US. He emphasizes the importance of personal well-being, the challenges of the industry, and the significance of building strong client relationships. Lukas also shares insights into his studio's operations, the exciting projects he's worked on, and his future aspirations for Statement Studios.

Throughout the conversation, Lukas highlights the value of embracing change, continuous learning, and prioritizing personal growth. He reflects on the rewarding aspects of his career, such as working with high-profile clients like Sam Adams and Trust and Will, and the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The episode is filled with wisdom nuggets on personal development, building a successful business, and the power of genuine connections in the industry. Listeners are encouraged to follow Lukas's journey and explore his work through Statement Studios' website and social media platforms.

Episode Outline

[00:00:03] Introduction by Alex Quin
[00:02:15] Guest Introductions: Lukas Schultz from Statement Studios
[00:04:00] Lukas's Transition to Hawaii and Personal Growth
[00:07:45] Early Days in Video Production
[00:12:30] Challenges and Successes in the Industry
[00:15:50] Importance of Mental and Physical Well-being
[00:20:10] Building and Managing a Video Production Studio
[00:25:00] Notable Projects and Client Relationships
[00:30:45] Future Goals and Vision for Statement Studios
[00:35:00] Personal Branding and Networking Strategies
[00:40:15] Inspirational Mentors and Support Systems
[00:45:00] Balancing Family Life and Professional Ambitions
[00:50:30] Listener Q&A
[00:55:00] Closing Remarks

Wisdom Nuggets

1. Embrace Change for Growth: Lukas's move to Hawaii exemplifies how significant life changes can foster personal growth and rejuvenation. Embrace change to find new inspiration and balance.
2. Start Small, Think Big: The journey from small-scale video projects to major productions highlights the importance of starting with what you have and gradually expanding your capabilities.
3. Value Personal Well-being: Success starts with a healthy mind and body. Prioritize your well-being to maintain the energy and creativity needed for long-term success.
4. Build Strong Relationships: Cultivating strong, genuine relationships with clients and colleagues is crucial. These connections can lead to repeat business and new opportunities.
5. Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Stay open to learning and adapting. Whether it’s new technology, techniques, or industry trends, continuous improvement keeps you relevant and competitive.

Power Quotes

"Whatever it takes to be good and sound in your mind, body, and spirit." - Lukas Schultz

"We ultimately are in this world to make an impact and have fun, not just be miserable all day." - Lukas Schultz

"Knowing how to tell a story is crucial." - Alex Quin

"I believe in the power of strong client relationships." - Alex Quin

Meet Our Guest:

Website: [Statement Studios]
LinkedIn: [Lukas Schultz]
Instagram: [Statement Studios Instagram]

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