Breaking Free from Wonder Hell: Overcoming Internal Barriers w/ Laura Gassner Otting // EP 115

Episode Description

In this episode of the Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast, host Alex Quin talks with guest Laura Gassner Otting about her journey and her book "Wonder Hell." Laura tells us how she worked hard to achieve her dreams even when she got really sick. She explains "Wonder Hell" as the feeling you get when you've succeeded but also feel scared and unsure about what comes next. Laura's story shows that facing big challenges and still going after what you want can lead to exciting changes and growth.

Laura and Alex also discuss the importance of having positive people around you and being okay with feeling uncomfortable sometimes. Laura's advice is all about not giving up, even when things get tough, and always looking for ways to get better and reach your goals. This talk is like a guide for anyone trying to figure out how to deal with their own "Wonder Hell" moments, reminding us that it's normal to feel scared but also that these moments can push us to do great things.

Wisdom Nuggets

Embracing the Ambiguity of Success: It's crucial to understand that achieving one's goals often leads to a mix of emotions, including both triumph and fear. This duality, known as "Wonder Hell," is a natural part of the journey towards greatness. Accepting and navigating through this complex emotional landscape is key to personal growth and continuous achievement.

Cultivating Resilience Through Challenges: Overcoming obstacles, especially those as daunting as serious health issues or personal setbacks, teaches invaluable lessons in resilience. These experiences underscore the importance of pushing forward, even when the path seems unclear, reinforcing the belief that action beats stagnation every time.

The Power of Positive Influence: Surrounding oneself with supportive, ambitious, and positive individuals can significantly impact one's ability to pursue and achieve ambitious goals. This network serves as a foundation for encouragement and inspiration, especially when navigating through one's own Wonder Hell.

Learning to Thrive in Discomfort: The journey through Wonder Hell is marked by moments of uncertainty and discomfort. However, these moments are also opportunities for growth. By getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, individuals can unlock new levels of potential and embrace the journey of continuous improvement.

Harnessing the Potential Within: Wonder Hell invites a reevaluation of personal potential and ambition. Recognizing and embracing one's capabilities, even when faced with self-doubt and fear, is essential. This acknowledgment acts as a springboard for setting and achieving even higher goals, proving that inside every moment of Wonder Hell lies the seed of extraordinary achievement.

Power Quotes

"The real hustle isn't just about moving forward; it's about how we face the challenges in our own 'Wonder Hell.'" - Laura Gassner Otting
"Navigating through 'Wonder Hell' is like walking through a maze; every turn teaches you something new about yourself." - Laura Gassner Otting

Resources Mentioned

Hustle Inspires Hustle

Laura Gassner Otting's Book "Wonder Hell" - Discussed extensively throughout the conversation, Laura Gassner Otting talks about her journey writing this book, its themes, and the personal experiences that led to its creation.

Laura Gassner Otting's First Book "Limitless" - Laura mentions her first book and discusses the concept of consonance that she explores in it.

TED Talk by Laura Gassner Otting - She mentions giving a TED Talk, which appears to have played a significant role in her career and inspired her writing.

The Road Less Stupid" by Keith J. Cunningham - Alex Quin mentions this book as a resource that helped him with problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Wonder Hell Quiz - Laura mentions a specific quiz related to "Wonder Hell" that helps readers identify which "rides" (metaphorical challenges or themes) they are on. The quiz can be found at

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