Breaking Bad Habits, ft. Brodie Kern (Founder of Wake Up Wealthy), with Alex Quin | Episode #11

Episode Description

In this episode, Alex Quin & talks with Brodie Kern, a former alcohol/drug addict turned multi-business entrepreneur, coach, and Instagram master. Brodie dives into his transformation from addict to entrepreneur to BOSS of his life, his future, and his legacy. He shares what he learned about the struggle for happiness, winning the Instagram game, and living a truly wealthy lifestyle on the inside and outside.
If you are an entrepreneur who needs the extra push to get through BS in your life or leveraging Instagram to build your brand, the episode is particularly for you.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Brodie and Alex Quin shared:

  • Tips for making your work environment more productive
  • How to find the “sweet spot” of happiness, profit, and passion
  • Instagram growth hacking tips-2 strategies for thriving in this age of IG
  • Why you need to believe you can push through any obstacle

Podcast Outline

[3:15] Switching up your environment to improve your workflow 
[6:08] Brodie’s entrepreneurial journey from addict to multi-business, six-figure entrepreneur
[8:26] Brodie’s personal journey for a more meaningful life
[10:19] Instagram growth hacking
[12:35] Growing your IG account in a crowded space
[15:46] Motivation session
[20:18] The impact of building a following
[29:30] Breaking though your mental barriers to achieve superhero status

Power Quotes

“You have to know yourself well to perform.”
“I sold 46 first year.”
“You think $100,000 a year is going to solve all your problems.”
“My entire obsession is peak performance…”
“Ego is just a negative response to insecurities.”


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Brodie Kern’s website


Other Resources

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About Our Guest

Brodie Kern is a former addict who became a successful real estate agent/merchant accounts advisor and then transformed into a 6-figure owner of multiple businesses, coach, and mentor. 

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