Being a Good Business Leader, ft. Sam Bakhtiar (CEO of One Percent Nutrition) with Alex Quin | EP 28

Episode Description

Sam Bakhtiar is a PHD, fitness based entrepreneur owning a multi franchise fitness camp in over 100 locations, supplement nutrition brands, and the host of the One Percenter Podcast. This “100 Million Dollar Entrepreneur” is a shining example of an entrepreneur that has gone the extra mile, committed to his self growth, and continues to share that knowledge and experience with the world. In this podcast you will get an in depth look at the harsh realities, challenges, and key leadership tips from Sam’s perspective. See how Sam's experience as a champion body builder to become Founder of The Camp Transformation Center and his journey on becoming a Multi-Millionaire.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

  • If you are the leader of a company then you have to take responsibility for everyone within it. 
  • Life isn’t perfect, neither is business. Learn to deal with the issues and continuously develop yourself to be able to overcome the challenges.
  • Education is key to growing healthily as a business owner and leader.

Podcast Outline

[0:45] Getting to know Sam background and perspectives

[02:35] Self development is essential to entrepreneurship

[03:25] The difference between humans and animals

[04:07] Why Alex wanted to interview Sam

[04:55] The value of putting out content

[06:15] Social media platforms Sam is currently using

[07:00] Dealing with “shiny object syndrome” 

[08:16] What happens when people see your talent

[08:52] Books Sam recommends for self-development

[10:40] Applying what you learn and Sam’s reading schedule

[11:32] Platforms Alex uses to manage people

[12:21] Tips from Sam on managing large teams of people

[13:55] Learning “wrong delegation” the hard way

[14:42 ] Business is like a “kid”, it’s never perfect

[15:43 ] The importance of education and Sam’s background

[17:05] Where to find Sam on social media

Sam Bakhtiar & Alex Quin | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Sam Bakthiar Power Quotes

“Inspect what you expect from life” – Sam Bakhtiar
“There is no such thing as bad soldiers, only bad generals” – Sam Bakhtiar

Resources Mentioned

Sam Bakhtiar on Instagram

The Camp Transformation Center (franchise)

1 Percent Nutrition

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