Behind the Latin Billboard Scene with Ingrid Fajardo // EP 122

Episode Description

This episode features Ingrid Fajardo, making her debut on the show as a staff writer and social media manager for Billboard Latin. Fajardo, a media professional skilled in both behind-the-scenes and on-camera roles, shares her experiences transitioning from Guatemala to Miami, her initial challenges, and her subsequent success in the entertainment sector, including her previous roles with an entertainment website and a TV production in Guatemala.

Fajardo's story is interwoven with discussions about her current position, where she manages significant reporting on major Latin music events. The episode also highlights the demanding yet dynamic nature of the entertainment industry, alongside the dedication and creativity necessary for success. Both Quin and Fajardo emphasize the importance of creativity, thorough preparation, and a deep passion for their craft, which propel their continuous efforts in the bustling media and entertainment landscape.

Behind the Latin Billboard Scene with Ingrid Fajardo // EP 122

Episode Outline

[00:00:03] Podcast featuring top entrepreneurs and leaders.

[00:04:15] Latin Music journalist discusses industry events.

[00:09:01] Moved to Miami, pursued dreams, succeeded.

[00:13:49] Reality shows, music, and inspiration discussed.

[00:17:29] Reunited group finds success with nostalgia.

[00:21:27] Artists enjoying second chance in music.

[00:24:52] Latin music artists collaborate and innovate.

[00:29:58] Pomeranian walks owner, talks music industry.

[00:34:07] Innovative music experiences and stadium tours.

[00:38:38] Be creative, use social media.

Wisdom Nuggets

1. Embrace the Hustle: How to Turn Pressure into Success

Pressure in the entertainment industry is often portrayed as a beast, but it can also be your best friend. Alex Quin discusses the weight of responsibility when covering major events and leading significant projects. He highlights how thriving under pressure can lead to major achievements and is essential for anyone aiming to make a mark in highly competitive fields.

2. Start Small, Dream Big: The Power of Incremental Growth

Ingrid Fajardo shares her story of starting with a small entertainment website and gradually moving up to a prominent role at Billboard Latin. This nugget serves as a reminder that small beginnings can lead to grand achievements. The key is persistence and incremental progress, which can eventually open doors to larger opportunities.

3. Learning Never Stops: Continuous Improvement as a Lifestyle

Both Quin and Fajardo emphasize the importance of continuous learning and preparation. Whether it's adapting to new roles or enhancing your skills, staying committed to learning is crucial. This approach not only keeps one relevant but also deeply engaged in their craft, making every challenge a stepping stone.

Power Quotes

"I'm a big believer that you have to give people their flowers while they're alive"- Alex Quin

"I wanted to create a children's book that could instill values into kids." - Alex Quin

"This city never stops. It's amazing that we get to be here and be part of it, and see how much it has grown." - Ingrid Fajardo

Behind the Latin Billboard Scene with Ingrid Fajardo // EP 122

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