Advice for Young Entrepreneurs, ft. Simon Lerner (Founder of Netcon Event), with Alex Quin | Episode #07

Episode Description

Who says that a 19-year old can’t build a massive networking event that draws in hundreds of thousands of attendees? Who says that a 19-year can’t build an entrepreneurial network that is disrupting the events industry and changing the way entrepreneurs collaborate?
Not Simon Lerner.

In this episode, I talk with the creator of NetCon, Simon Lerner. NetCon is disrupting the way that entrepreneurs collaborate. Simon shares why he started NetCon, the future of his event, the obstacles he faced, and how he grew in spite of those obstacles.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Alex and Simon drop knowledge on the following subjects:

  • What started the idea of NetCon?
  • Why are most networking events boring?
  • Why is NetCon different from other events?
  • What obstacles did you face launching and growing NetCon?
  • Where is NetCon going next?
Alex Quin & Simon Lerner | Netcon Hamptons new York

Podcast Outline

[3:16] the NetCon origin story

[7:49] What makes NetCon different from other events?

[9:00] Simon’s personal networking tips

[10:25] Why follow-up is king when it comes to networking

[14:10] The big goal of NetCon

[16:36] The difference between achievers vs dreamers

Power Quotes

"I noticed a common flaw...To me, personally [going to conferences] was motivational bullshit.”
“People are literally stay in their homes.”
“Nowadays, you’re basically one connection from everyone.” 
“Entrepreneurship is a very long game...It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.”
“I’m literally one connection away from the President of the United States.”


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About Our Guest

Simon Lerner is an investing and networking event expert who founded NetCon, a unique networking event for entrepreneurs and other go-getters, after he fixed a critical flaw he saw in networking events.

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Simon Lerner on LinkedIn

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