Hustle Inspires Hustle Collaborates with Fownders for a Beach Clean Up

Hustle Inspires Hustle Collaborates with Fownders for a Beach Clean Up

There are multiple seminars, masterminds, and entrepreneur events going on at this day and age. Yet, networking with other individuals doesn’t always have to be a business matter, so when Fownders chose Alex Quin as a “Champion” we knew we had to switch the game up. Fownders defines “champions” as partners who they’ve chosen to host Value Exchange events and connect with their audience. If you are not familiar with what Fownders is, Fownders is a startup accelerator founded by Gerard Adams that capitalizes on the growing trend in innovation and entrepreneurship in local communities. Adams uses Fownders to remind entrepreneurs the power that comes with the word “own”.



Alex Quin took this role as Fownders Champion and decided to do something different besides the average networking event. He brought out his local influencer friends and social media followers to Miami Beach for a Beach Clean Up! Alex ran the event alongside fellow Fownders Champion, Fernando Valencia, and together they organized networking activities to push their guests to connect.


Hustle Inspires Hustle made this event an opportunity to not only network with other fellow entrepreneurs, but a way to give back to the local community. According to research, 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean annually. Due to the overflowing amount of plastic, 100 million marine animals are killed every year due to plastic debris. Alex, along with 15+ people, set out with their garbage bags to clean up the local beach. While picking up plastic wrappers and bottles, attendees showcased their ideas and shared their businesses with others during the event.


Ultimately, we’re only given a small amount of time on this planet, so it’s up to us to cherish that. By switching over to metal straws or reusable water bottles, you can make a huge impact on plastic pollution. Hustle Inspires Hustle would like to thank Fownders for choosing our founder, Alex Quin, as a Fownders Champion. We would like to thank you for the opportunity to connect with our audience and impact our community.

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Alex Quin

Entrepreneur. Podcaster. Go-Getter.

Alex Quin is a full-stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of UADV Marketing - a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

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