Digital Freedom Traveler: Bali Mastermind

Digital Freedom Traveler: Bali Mastermind

Traveling to The Other Side of the World...

In about 12 hours of travel, we made our way to Bali, Indonesia for Digital Freedom Travler's Bali Mastermind. A week long event with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and marketing experts. This intimate event allowed the audience to connect and network with other attendees as well as the speakers. When the daily speaker finished their presentation, the group explored the jungle, rice paddies, monkeys, and waterfalls of Bali. Being able to immerse ourselves in authentic balinese culture while learning to grow our businesses and brands.

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The Speakers

From serial entrepreneurs to philanthropists, the event had world class speakers like Alex Quin, Jason Stone, Virginia Salas Kastillo, and more. Speakers shared their expertise and strategies on how they built their own business empires. Afterwards, the whole week event ended with a group meditation, a different twist on the traditional entrepreneur masterminds. This allowed the audience to fully immerse in relaxation after a week long of obtaining knowledge.

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About the Founder

"Sarah Pesso  makes beaches, ancient ruins, mountains, and co-working spaces her office by working remotely, all while growing her international businesses.

She’s run her businesses full-time since 2015 in over 20 international cities, with spotty WiFi and all different experiences. (Like being stuck on the side of a mountain by Mt. Everest for 2 hours)

After being an executive assistant to TWO multiple 7 figure and 8 earners, she ventured out on her own creating a business where she helps people with their social media and finding their true self, to helping them with their sales pages and funnels. You need it, she does it.

When she's not helping others or traveling the world, she is home in Florida by the beach running her affiliate marketing business where she helps others earn their first $1 dollar online, or their first 10, 20, 100 thousand online.

Sarah's biggest and one true passion though is seeing every inch of this world and all it has to offer. She wants to bring awareness to things going on around the world, and capture them for the world to see. "

digital freedom traveler

Alex Quin

Entrepreneur. Podcaster. Go-Getter.

Alex Quin is a full-stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of UADV Marketing - a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

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