Artist Highlight: Alex Bond

Artist Highlight: Alex Bond

Alex Bond is a great Cincinnati-based artist and graphic designer. He is known for his clean designs and colorful work. Alex has over a thousand followers on Instagram and a website that showcases his portfolio to prospective clients. His focus is on creating unique and gripping artwork that captures attention and showcases the client’s brand well.

Origin Story

Alex was an introvert artist in high school. He spent most of his time drawing and sketching, even when he was supposed to pay attention at school. His passion for art and design was clear early on and he decided to choose it has his career path. He attended the University of Daytona, where is continued to nourish his creativity and develop his style. His style has evolved considerably over the years and has given him a keen focus. His goal is to put something creative out into the world every day.

Focus on Developing Connections

Alex believes that developing connections is the best way to improve as an artist. He connects with his fellow artists, audiences, and clients through his art. His goal for the year is to expand his network and to reach out to more like-minded artists on social media. Alex dreams of working with Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman from DKNG Studios because he is a great fan of their work and artistic style.

Inspiration and Style

He has a unique and funky style that has several influences. Alex loves to explore other artists’ styles and add his spin on it. That allows him to develop his unique aesthetic and expand his skills. Cartoons and animations also inspire him. His favorite shows are Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bojack Horsemen, and Rick and Morty.

Everyday acts of selflessness and support also inspire him. He likes to see humanity shine through as people help others out of the kindness of their heart. That motivates him to be a better artist and a better human being.

His advice to his younger self is to make decisions without fear and to show compassion to everyone.

Alex Quin

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Alex Quin is a full-stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of UADV Marketing - a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

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