Tony Albelo's Eventful Empire: Building Celebrations that Unite // EP 110

Episode Description

Alex Quin's podcast features Tony Albelo, a successful entrepreneur from Miami. Tony shares his story of going from a regular kid to the CEO of Engage Live, and his experience in creating events such as Grovetoberfest, Coconut Grove Seafood Festival, Sprung, Wynwood Life, Coconut Grove Arts Festival, South Florida Boat Show, and Country Bay Music Festival. He also talks about his most ambitious project yet, Christmas Wonderland, and the importance of having a good team and family support system for success.

Tony Albelo x Hustle Inspires Hustle with Alex Quin // EP 110

Wisdom Nuggets

Creating Experiences: Tony Albelo's motivation for creating events stems from his passion for Miami and his desire to provide unique experiences for locals. This highlights the importance of creating memorable moments that go beyond the ordinary. 

Seizing Opportunities: Tony's journey from a regular kid to a successful entrepreneur showcases the power of seizing opportunities. By writing an RFP and proposing a deal to a condo developer, he was able to secure contracts and expand his business. 

Building a Strong Team: Tony emphasizes the importance of having a good team to support your endeavors. Surrounding yourself with talented individuals who share your vision and can contribute their skills is crucial for success. 

Family Support: Tony acknowledges the significance of having a supportive family. Their encouragement and understanding play a vital role in overcoming challenges and pursuing ambitious projects. 

Community Engagement: Tony's events, such as the Windwood Life festival, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, and the South Florida Boat Show, demonstrate the power of engaging the community. By bringing people together and creating shared experiences, these events contribute to the vibrancy and unity of the local community.

Tony Albelo x Hustle Inspires Hustle with Alex Quin // EP 110

Power Quotes

“The desire to be better and to have more was my primary driver. The entrepreneurial spirit was born by necessity.” - Tony Albelo

“My true calling was marketing and sales” - Tony Albelo

“I created the first beer festival in Miami” - Tony Albelo

“We had the biggest fishing tournament in South Florida on its second year”  - Tony Albelo

Tony Albelo x Hustle Inspires Hustle with Alex Quin // EP 110

Episode Outline

[00:05:56] High school drove ambition, software sold, job offer, installs, own company.

[00:10:22] Started computer company, made money, sold contracts to Comcast.

[00:14:43] Risk-taking, marketing, sales, events: success.

[00:19:05] Started Windwood Life Festival

[00:22:39] Engage Life creates iconic events: Coconut River Arts Festival.

[00:27:13] Revive iconic events, launch new ones.

[00:31:41] Creating experiences, inspiring others: 

[00:36:40] Be a good dad, team-oriented.

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