The Power of Connections & Relationships ft. Spectacular Smith with Alex Quin | EP 24

Episode Description

Spectacular Smith joins us on the show today. He tells us how he left the music industry after getting to the top of music charts and jumped into the entrepreneurship world where he is striving to get to the top of business charts. His business involves helping people who are confused about how to get from one level to the next without having to work for anyone. Spectacular has an online school, and he is now in the process of having a traditional school accredited. Spectacular believes in making connections and building relationships that add value. Listen in and get inspired.

Wisdom Nuggets:

Go out and network and if even if you are not a social butterfly, force yourself to become one

Any information to this degree, if you give it away for free, they’re going to take it for granted

Create that one formula that works for you

Podcast Outline:

[00:58] Who is Spectacular?

[02:06] Importance of networking

[03:05] The spectacular experience podcast

[04:46] How Spectacular got into music and how he transitioned

[07:15] Making money off social media

[09:46] What drives Spectacular?

[11:54] Einstein mastermind group

[13:24]: What does Spectacular do?

[16:14] The upcoming traditional school

Power Quotes:

“School systems are the only thing that hasn't evolved.” Spectacular
“I feel like I’ll be a disservice to myself if I don’t get this information out to the masses.” Spectacular
“No matter what I put my hands on, I put the same formula on it.” Spectacular
“Go out and become a social butterfly even if you're not force yourself.” Spectacular
“You might not have got blessed directly from that person, but the universe figures out a way to bless you in another way.” Spectacular
“What I want to do is tell people don't mess up, learn from me. Learn from what I messed up.” Alex


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