Episode Description

In this episode, Alex Quin chats with Nick Llanton – New York based video editor and photographer for Hypebeast. After graduating from Florida State University with a BS in Product Development, he pursued his passion for sneakers and had the experience of capturing incredible projects like the launch of the first self-lacing Nike basketball shoes, launch of a retail storefront in partnership with Adidas, among others.

He also worked as a video editor with Sneaker News, a digital content publisher in the sneaker industry. Coming from an Asian and Latino background and growing up in the States, Nick has a powerful perspective on integrating culture into fashion, especially with his passion for sneaker culture.

Wisdom Nuggets

● Success is a journey: It is not going to be all glamorous. Many times you will have to seize an opportunity because it won’t always be handed to you. Unlike in college where the main

objective is to show up, in the real world you need to make things happen. Start out small and keep learning and growing.

● Hacking and Adapting: Lessons from life in New York. Learning to build things your own and taking something basic and making it cool. Meeting people and learning from them is so important. It is really valuable to be able to work with people that are better than you and glean from that.

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What’s going on everyone

[02:30] Shifted to New York right after graduating

[03:32] Got a job doing video with Sneaker News

[06:09] Nick’s early inspiration getting into photography and videography

[07:55] The journey is not all glamourous

[9:32] Be able to work with people that are better than you

[11:30] What are the common denominators for great people

[14:48] The most important thing about content

[15:56] What sneaker culture was back in the day

[17:39] Passing on the knowledge is super important

[18:43] Hey (break)

[19:28] Advice for people looking to make a move

[20:07] You’re more in control of things working at a smaller company

[21:26] You definitely want to get some experience under your belt

[22:33] Tips for networking

[24:28] Put content out there and let people find you

[25:40] Take the opportunity to meet people

[28:25] Take a little time to think

[28:40] How do you want to be remembered

[31:44] I can’t wait for things to get back to normal

[32:47] Find that flame, find that fire

Power Quotes

● “If you want to make it to where you’re the best in your field, you’ve got to push yourself outside of that comfort zone” - Alex Quin 10:18

● “When it comes to content nowadays, the most important thing is that you take something away.” Nick Llanton 14:18

● “Everyone has dreams, but you always have to build up to them” 19:42 Nick Llanton

● “Get out there, talk to people, and take advantage of absolutely everything” - Alex Quin 27:17

● “In the future as I continue to create more content, what I leave back is more knowledge” - Nick Llanton 29:11


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