Mastering the Art of Taxes: How to Turn Tax Laws into Opportunities for Wealth with Tom Wheelwright // EP 114

Episode Description

In this podcast episode, Alex Quin hosts Tom Wheelwright, a renowned entrepreneur, CPA, and author of "Tax Free Wealth," on the "Hustle Inspires Hustle" podcast. Alex begins by emphasizing the podcast's focus on entrepreneurship and self-development, highlighting the valuable insights listeners can gain from top entrepreneurs and business leaders. Tom shares his journey from growing up in a Mormon family to becoming a missionary in France, which he credits as the start of his entrepreneurial spirit. He recounts his career progression, including his time at Ernst & Young, running his own CPA firm, and his collaboration with Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" fame.

Tom discusses the importance of understanding and leveraging tax laws to one's advantage, debunking the myth that the wealthy evade taxes through illegal means. Instead, he explains that the tax system offers legal avenues to reduce tax liabilities. He emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to change their mindset about taxes, seeing them as opportunities rather than burdens. Tom also stresses the importance of proper financial management, including hiring competent professionals like CPAs and bookkeepers.

Addressing a community question, Tom clarifies misconceptions about investing in real estate within qualified retirement plans, advising against it due to better tax benefits outside these plans. Finally, Tom expresses his desire to be remembered as a great dad and grandfather and professionally as someone who simplifies complex topics. He directs listeners to his social media platforms and his company WealthAbility for further tax-related advice and services.

Wisdom Nuggets

Harness the Power of Knowledge: Understanding and leveraging tax laws can significantly enhance financial success. This emphasizes the importance of education and awareness in financial planning, particularly for entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their wealth and minimize tax liabilities.

Value Professional Expertise: Hiring competent professionals like CPAs and bookkeepers is crucial in managing finances effectively. This underlines the importance of seeking expert advice and assistance in areas outside one’s core competencies, ensuring better decision-making and financial management.

Shift Your Perspective: Viewing taxes as opportunities rather than burdens can open doors to significant financial benefits. This mindset shift is key for entrepreneurs and individuals alike, encouraging them to explore legal avenues within the tax system to reduce liabilities and increase wealth.

Cultivate Trust and Verification: Relying on financial advisors requires a balance of trust and verification. This approach stresses the importance of confidence in one’s financial partners while also advocating for personal due diligence and understanding, ensuring that financial strategies align with personal and business goals.

Power Quotes

"I'm a book nerd, and every time I read a book that brings me immense value, I run to interview the authors." - Alex Quin
"Changing your mindset about taxes is the first step to handling them effectively." -
"If you do things for yourself, you may get some tax benefit, but doing things for other people gets you a lot more tax benefits."
"Being a great dad and grandfather is my life's most important goal." - Tom Wheelwright
"Taxes are either going to make you rich or make you poor." - - Tom Wheelwright
"Every dollar you bring in is either taxable or not, every dollar you spend is either deductible or not." - Tom Wheelwright
"The biggest expense for entrepreneurs is taxes." - Speaker Tom Wheelwright, underscoring the importance of tax planning for business owners. - Tom Wheelwright

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