Making Success Your Duty Part 1 ft. Grant Cardone (Creator of 10X Movement) with Alex Quin  | EP 42

Episode Description

In the first half of this series, Alex Quin sits down with Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Capital, international speaker, New York Times Best Selling Author, and creator of the 10X movement. Grant, alongside his family, have a 1.5 billion portfolio of multi family properties. Named #1 Marketer to Watch by Forbes Magazine, Grant shares his knowledge on how to start your first business and expand it into success through duty and responsibility. “The way to create wealth, is to get something going by itself.” Learn how to brace for impact when life throws obstacles your way.

Wisdom Nuggets

  • People need to define things for themselves.
  • Things could get better, but they can also get worse, you have to brace for impact at all times. 
  • You’re gonna fail more than you're gonna win, you gotta take a lot of swings. 

Podcast Outline

[01:21] This Episode of HIH podcast

[02:26] Success is your duty… Let’s talk about that a little bit

[03:05] Endless list of things that we’re dragging my attention

[03:30] Hey I am going to become a professional pursuer of success

[03:59] What was success to you?

[04:21] Prayer… to wish something good on another

[04:55] I know what it means for me

[05:17] To me success was 

[05:28] The reason I have this podcast

[05:52] We know theres alot of uncertainty 

[06:10] They could get better

[06:16] If you don’t get gold out of the shovel 

[06:54] You can define it differently

[07:21] How do I make that a part of my deal

[08:06] I like collecting success

[08:24] When I was a kid

[08:46] Next thing you know I’m not me anymore

[09:11] I wanna be healthy 

[09:43] I don’t have a lot of stuff

[10:12] You gotta figure out what your thing is

[10:34] Hey I just wanted to jump in (break)

[11:13] I’ve spread myself too thin many times

[11:27] I need to get the first thing right to start another thing

[12:01] This is the problem with people trying to create multiple floats

[13:43] Me, I just grounded out

[14:02] The most money I make is because

[14:19] If I invest a million dollars

[14:39] I don’t wanna keep working

[14:55] This wraps up the first series

Grant Cardone & Alex Quin Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Grant Cardone Power Quotes

“Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility”- Grant Cardone 

“You have to surround yourself with a group of people who really believe in your vision and what you see for yourself and for the company so you can all be successful together” - Alex Quin

“Why did Kobe have to win, why did Jordan have to win?” - Grant Cardone

“I like collecting success” - Grant Cardone

“If I don’t have health, then the wealth don’t matter” - Grant Cardone


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