Exploring the Art and Business of Music  // Episode 98

Episode Description

Join host Alex Quin and industry experts, Johnatthan Mora, Cris Cas, and Keven Pimentel, in this exciting episode that unravels the mysteries of the music and entertainment world. 

They delve into crucial topics ranging from effective self-marketing strategies to building strong connections with fans, all while managing the highs and lows of success. 

Get ready to discover exclusive insights, invaluable tips, and personal anecdotes that will elevate your understanding of the music industry. Whether you're an aspiring artist, manager, or music enthusiast, this discussion is bound to resonate and inspire!

Wisdom Nuggets

Customer service should be like a consultation: It's so important to treat your audience like valued partners in the music industry or any industry at all. Like a consultation, you should actively engage with them, ask for their feedback, and really listen to what they have to say. 

What It Takes To Be Successful In Music: A lot goes into making a music track successful beyond the initial release! One key factor is sustainability – According to Cris, you've got to keep that track relevant and popular for up to 6 months or more. And you know what? It's not just about releasing the audio; you've got to be versatile and use different formats like short clips, music videos, acoustic versions, and instrumentals. That way, you can reach a wider audience and keep the excitement alive!

Engaging With Your Audience: Engaging with your audience is the heart of it all! You can do covers of popular songs, giving them your own twist, and that really helps you connect with our fans on a personal level. It's like sharing musical interests, you know? And here's the secret sauce – listening to their feedback. Seriously, when they feel like they're part of the creative process, it's a beautiful thing! You get to understand their preferences, make improvements, and make them feel appreciated and involved. It's a win-win!

Episode Outline

[01:19] - Guest Introduction

[01:43] - About Johnnathan Mora

[05:05] - About Cris Cas

[07:46] - Turning Your Dreams Into A Business

[10:36] - Building Good Connections

[14:32] - A Lesson From Marvel Entertainment

[16:36] - Keven's Trip On The Nile

[18:00] - An Artist's Blueprint

[19:59] - Cris's Backstage Story

[22:26] - Cris's Music Videos

[23:20] - Marketing Music

[34:02] - Working On Your Habits

[45.26] - Being Emotionally Intelligent

[49:00] - Podcast Ending Notes

Power Quotes

"If you make people feel important, they will follow you." - Johnnathan Mora
"It's always good to have a dream… and have passion for something. But you can't have the same mentality when you're turning it into a business." - Johnnathan Mora.
"You gotta get people to dig you for that one song. You can't drop 10 on them and...wait for one to hit. No, you gotta have just one and let it grow" - Cris Cas.
Writing [Journaling] is a huge part of figuring yourself out - Alex Quin

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