Elena Cardone & Alex Quin Creating Your Empire | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast  EP 41

Episode Description

Elena Cardone shares how to build your powerhouse and create a team dynamic in a marriage. Elena is Author of Build an Empire, Business Woman, Public Speaker, Host of Women in Power, and Investor. As a power couple with Grant Cardone, Elena shares how she succeeds in life and in love to do what’s best for her family. Learn how to be a successful and powerful woman without losing focus in today’s episode.

Wisdom Nuggets:

As a team we figured out who gets to be the boss of what department, based on our strengths and weaknesses, not based on male and female.

When you can do something consistently over a long period of time, you will have confidence in yourself.

You need to keep healthy routines (even during quarantine).

Repeat successful actions

Podcast Outline:

[01:22] On today's episode

[02:36] You’re either creating an empire or destroying one

[03:32] When you can really start to look and analyze

[03:48] Every single thing gets put in perspective

[04:12] You can start really being able to utilizing

[04:28] That mindset and way of thinking

[04:51] Was there a catalyst in your life?

[05:25] I didn't realize that

[06:04] When 2008 happened...

[06:16] There were no jobs coming in for me

[06:41] What were my choices

[07:16] I have to do what's best for my family right now

[07:38] We hadn’t gone big enough

[08: 14] Make ourselves abundant

[08:31] Who gets to be the boss of what department

[08:44] How to divide and conquer

[09:09] Stop fighting each other

[09:30] Takes time

[09:46] Hey (break)

[10:32] I never liked school

[11:12] I now have a confidence in myself

[11:41] Today on USA today

[12:49] I’m very private

[13:15] Routine

[13:39] I’m very disciplined

[14:31] It’s so connected to how the business world works

[15:05] When you can do something consistently

[15:30] The universe listens to you

[16:09] If you’re not very disciplined

[16:54] You need to keep healthy routines going

[17:23] Everybody starts to win together

[17:44] Repeat successful actions

[18:24] Your purpose is gonna hold you accountable

[19:10] For the world

[19:31] The people in my empire

[19:52] Where can we find your content?

[20:40] Thank you for joining me

Power Quotes:

“You're either creating an empire or destroying one with every decision you make”  - Elena Cardone [02:36]
“Who are these imaginary women that are going to kick me out of the women's club?”  - Elena Cardone [7:01]
“Building good habits and stacking good habits and ultimately what you need to be successful” - Alex Quin [13:16]
“Your purpose is gonna hold you accountable” -Elena Cardone [18:24]
“You are your own boss” - Alex Quin [16:01]


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